Lake Placid Flagship Store

Selling the Adirondacks:  Lake Placid Based and American Made Apparel Brand Adirondack Field Opens Flagship Store in Lake Placid

August 2, 2023

Adirondack Field is pleased to announce the opening of its new Flagship Store on Main Street in Lake Placid.  The store is located at 2522 Main Street Lake Placid, NY 12946 below the newly-refurbished Grand Adirondack Hotel.  

Adirondack Field is a small-batch, American-made apparel and lifestyle brand offering authentic, timeless clothes manufactured in an ethical and environmentally-responsible way.  100% of its goods are at least cut and sewn in the United States with some products even being manufactured in the Adirondacks.  Since launching with online sales in November 2021, Adirondack Field has exported its apparel to over thirty states and has been worn on all seven continents.   

Adirondack Field Co-Founder Dan Kelleher stated, “We are excited to export the Adirondack brand across the world and believe that establishing our flagship store in Lake Placid will help to further introduce our customers to this special region.” 

Kaila Kelleher, Co-Founder expounded, “We are grateful to call the Adirondacks home and look forward to building further relationships within our local community as well as with the people who visit here.” 

Adirondack Field’s flagship store offers exclusive in-store products that can’t be purchased through the company’s website including Adirondack-made soaps, lotions, and bug sprays, leather bags and belts, glassware, and unique t-shirt styles.  Additionally, many products will first launch in the store before being offered for sale online. 

“We expect the store to be a great place to test out new products and gain customer insights,” explained Dan Kelleher.  “We also view this as an opportunity to better connect with our clients and learn what they’d like to see next.” 

Adirondack Field is committed to domestic manufacturing and every item in the clothing line is at least cut and sewn in the United States.  The company’s long- and short-sleeve t-shirts use 100% Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified organic cotton and are knit, dyed, cut, and sewn domestically.  The hats incorporate both domestically- and internationally-sourced fabrics and are sewn in North Carolina while the flannel shirts use luxury Japanese fabrics that are cut and sewn into high-end garments on the west coast.  Additional products are made in Massachusetts, Montana, New Jersey, and Maine.  While Adirondack Field’s soaps, lotions, and bug sprays are made in the Adirondacks, the company hopes to bring additional manufacturing closer to home in the next few years.

“When we look at wage data, we find that for people with a high school diploma, after adjusting for inflation, they earn approximately 2.7% less on average than they did in 1979.  For people without a high school diploma, that figure is nearly 10% less.  We view manufacturing as the greatest tool for improving the lives of people without college degrees,” explained Kelleher.  “There really has never been a greater tool for poverty eradication at scale in human history.”

This isn’t Dan Kelleher’s first time developing a business in the region.  He previously co-founded Create Orthotics and Prosthetics, an additive manufacturing and medical device firm that was based in Lake Placid prior to being acquired by Precision Valve and Automation in 2019.  He remains committed to economic development in the region.

“The Adirondacks are such an amazing place to live and run a business.  With Create O&P, we showed that you can build a successful exporting business in Lake Placid.  We hope to expand upon that validation and now spread the Adirondack ethos and brand worldwide.”