About Us

We’re Dan and Kaila, Lake Placid Adirondackers committed to enjoying this region and spreading the ethos that is this inspirational place.  Adirondack Field is our dream: an American-made, environmentally-conscious brand outfitting you with timeless style and comfortable apparel for anywhere you Leisure Adventurously™.

The name Adirondack Field comes from the traditional phrase “out in the field,” for when scientists, explorers, and researchers are out in the environment making discoveries. At Adirondack Field, we celebrate all those who have contributed to our understanding of the natural and built worlds, from the people who originally inhabited this rugged region, to the conservationists who researched ecology and fought to establish the Adirondack Park, to those today studying climate change’s impact on our region's flora and fauna.  You inspire us.  

While work on Adirondack Field began in earnest in 2020, the story really begins years ago when we were working retail in the surf industry.  The large brands would greenwash about supporting the environment while having their products made in Southeast Asian factories with weak or no pollution controls.  When opening the packages of new clothes, the scent of off-gassing chemicals filled the air and we wondered what was happening when these chemicals interacted with peoples’ bodies or were dumped into communities’ drinking or fishing waters. The industry was literally killing the reefs we surfed and we knew there had to be a better way.

At Adirondack Field, the mills and factories we work with operate under some of the strictest environmental standards in the world.  This means that the chemicals incorporated into our products are safe and limited at the outset of their development, the emissions from the factories are largely free of harmful compounds, and the liquid waste is treated rather than dumped full of carcinogens into waterways.  At the same time, these factories provide livable wages to fellow Americans at a time when the median income in 81% of US counties peaked over 40 years ago (inflation adjusted). 

A vibrant economy and clean ecosystems are not mutually exclusive and our mission is to prove that point.  Thank you for your support of our small business and of American manufacturing.  Let’s change the world together. 

Dan and Kaila