Building an Iconic Adirondack Flannel

Is there anything more iconic to the Adirondacks than a flannel shirt?  While over the years flannel has been adopted by diverse groups from pop icons like Marlon Brando and Snoop Dogg, to 60’s hippies and free-lovesters, to 90’s Nirvana acolytes, nobody has designed a flannel specific for a region where gentleman explorers, open-pit miners, and rugged lumberjacks all co-mingled at Adirondack lodges and small-town gatherings.  We’re on a mission to create the true Adirondack flannel: comfortable both on a woods walk and at a lakeside soiree. 

Not only are we seeking to build a flannel iconic of the Adirondacks, but one that is cut and sewn here in the United States using materials from factories that implement the latest in environmental safeguards.  You’ll hear this a lot, but our promise is to supply you with the most American-made clothing we can while implementing the latest standards for environmentally-responsible manufacturing. 

The design of our flannel began in earnest in May 2020, during the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Despite partnering with the most reputable consulting team and factories, COVID has damaged supply lines and reduced factory capacities, stretching the timeline of ideation to launch.  What we expected to take eight months, has now stretched over fourteen, with an additional five months expected.    

During this time, we have been working hard to finalize our pattern, develop our logo and tags, establish care instructions, secure an American cut-and-sew factory, and identify the best fabrics in the world.  While the last American flannel mill closed over 30 years ago as part of a larger United States textile industry downsizing that saw the loss of over 1.4 million jobs, we’ve been fortunate to source extremely luxurious flannels from a Japanese mill that incorporates the latest in environmental and waste management.  We’re excited to get these fabrics across the globe so our team can begin turning them into the next great American flannel. 

We’re gratefule to have you with us as we introduce a flannel designed by Adirondackers for all of those who love this place.  We’re also excited to have you join us in supporting American manufacturing and global environmental responsibility.  Thank you for everything!  Stay tuned…

Dan and Kaila

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